CSE 101: Evaluation


There are four homework assignments for grade, which together are worth 10% of the grade. Each student is expected to work by herself/himself to complete homework and exams. However, in the case of homework, students are encouraged to discuss high-level ideas and strategies among themselves in small groups. This in no way relieves the responsibility on the part of each student to work out all the details and to write the solutions by herself/himself.

For each homework, solve the listed problems. Consult the style guide for writing solutions. Each problem is worth 10 points. Your grade will essentially be determined by the high-level description, correctness and complexity analysis. While we strongly recommend writing pseudocode as part of your homework solution, it will play little or no role in determining your grade.

Homework should be turned in at the beginning of the class on the date indicated.


    • Quiz 1: Wednesday, July 12th during the class --- 15%

    • Quiz 2: Wednesday, August 2nd during the class --- 15%


    • Mid-term: Wednesday, July 19th during the class --- 25%

    • Final: Friday, August 4th, 8:00-11:00 AM, WLH 2205 --- 35%

In class quizzes, mid-term and final are closed-book tests.