Algorithms - Brief Writing Style Guide

We suggest the following steps in writing up your solutions, when they are applicable. For a more detailed treatment, consult the Writing Style Guide.

    1. Understand the problem. Take a small concrete example and work it out manually to understand what is involved. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not understand what you are supposed to do.

    2. Be prepared to reformulate the problem.

    3. Provide a high-level description (at most 10-15 lines of English text) of your solution. The description should highlight the key ideas of your solution. Your writing should be clear, coherent and rigorous. Your solution may just be graded by the quality of the description.

    4. Write up your design; Use the pseudo programming language from the book to write your algorithms. Write your algorithms modularly. Provide sufficient detail as warranted by the problem.

    5. Analyze the time complexity.

    6. Argue that your algorithm is correct.

    7. Think about the structural properties that led to an efficient algorithm and articulate them.