CSE 190 - Discrete and Continuous Optimization

Fall 2016


Professor: Ramamohan Paturi
Room: CSE 4246
Email: paturi@cs.ucsd.edu
Teaching Assistant: Bharath Mankalale
Email: bmankala@eng.ucsd.edu
Teaching Assistant: Xueyang Li
Email: xul008@eng.ucsd.edu

Syllabus, evaluation, and hours

Evaluation and hours

Course Prerequisites

Math 20C, 20F and CSE 20, 21, 101

Academic Honesty

Each student is expected to work by herself/himself to complete homework, tests, and projects. However, in the case of homework, students are encouraged to discuss high-level ideas and strategies among themselves in small groups. This in no way relieves the responsibility on the part of each student to work out all the details and write the solutions by herself/himself.

The authorized materials for this course include the course text book (as well as textbooks or lecture notes of prerequisite courses), supplementary reading,  and materials posted on this website for the current quarter. Use of any other materials or aids to complete a homework, test or project requires an explicit approval from the instructor. Here is the UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship, which you are expected to adhere in letter and spirit. You may also find my colleague Scott Baden's write-up on Integrity of Scholarship Agreement useful.

General Resources

  1. Information about AMPL and BPMPD