CSE 190 - An Introduction to Quantum Computing


  1. An Introduction to Quantum Computing, Phillip Kaye, Raymond LaFlamme, Michelle Mosca


  1. Chapters 1-10


  1. Lecture notes: postulates of quantum mechanics and linear algebra
  2. Notes on dual spaces, Santiago Cañez

Supplementary Reading

  1. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Nielsen and Chuang
  2. Introduction to Quantum Information Science, Scott Aaronson
  3. Quantum Computing since Democritus, Scott Aaronson
  4. Quantum Computing: Lectures Notes Ronald De Wolf
  5. Classical and Quantum Computation, A. Yu. Kitaev, A. H. Shen, M. N. Vyalyi
  6. Quantum Computer Science, David Mermin
  7. John Preskill's Lecture Notes
  8. From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory, Mark M. Wilde