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CSE 190 - An Introduction to Quantum Computing


Grade will determined by the performance in homework (50%) and the project (50%).
Project presentation schedule


Project presentation schedule

Guidelines for the project

  • Select a topic. If your topic is not in the list, please contact one of the instructors
  • Students are expected to select appropriate research material for their project. In addition to the textbook, you might find the pointers (provided along with the topics) a useful starting point.
  • Write a brief description of the goals of the project and a plan to accomplish the goals. Include any references in your description. Once you have the description, check with one of the instructors for feedback and validation.
  • Execute the project.
  • Write a report (no more than 10 pages) and prepare material for a class presentation (30 minutes).
  • Present your project in the class and submit the report via gradescope by Friday, March 20, 11:59 PM
Topics for projects
  1. Quantum error correction
  2. Quantum money
  3. Quantum interactive proofs
  4. QMA and QMA completeness
  5. Quantum tomography
  6. Quantum random walks
  7. Quantum low-degree testing
  8. Quantum supremacy
  9. Quantum simulation
  10. Quantum machine learning
  11. Pell's equation